Anabel Dorman

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35 years old.

Professionally trained Contemporary and Aerial Dancer (Mexico, Barcelona and London).

Qualified Pilates and fitness PT.

Specialised in Pre and Postpartum recovery training.

Advanced Yoga practitioner, passionate runner, lover of life and spicy food.

Mother of two boys.

Find me on:

Instagram @anabeldorman


Nicola Brodie-Scott

22 years old.

Professionally trained in Musical Theatre, Dance and Aerial Dance (London and Alicante).

Qualified Personal Trainer and ISTD certified Dance Teacher (Ballet, Tap and Jazz).

Endorphin chaser, thrill seeker and chocolate lover.

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Instagram @nicola.brodiescott




Valerija But (MBACP)

Both mental and physical wellbeing is essential for feeling complete and fulfilled. In the 21st century with high expectations from all corners these are not simple to achieve. We can get trapped within the ideas of others, how we should be seen and who we have to be. Rapidly changing information on how we can become better or different; beautiful, successful, healthy, strong , loving... 

Very often media suggest all these are essential for our happiness and possible to achieve with a quick instant change. Instead, this pressure brings anxiety. We can find it difficult and uncomfortable to pause and reflect on our past, present and our future hopes. We fail to acknowledge our real self.

Being listened to, heard, accepted and understood is a vital part of our journey for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Regular  psychotherapy sessions enable a secure space in which to reflect and discover more about the unconscious feelings which can be self- limiting. It is possible to voice feelings which may have previously been unspeakable. Psychotherapy can turn the axis,  can change our perception of ourselves and others in our lives. This is just like physical fitness, both challenging and deeply rewarding. 

Before becoming a full time therapist I worked in a variety of highly demanding and stressful areas such as healthcare and media. I have a good understanding and awareness of the difficulty of maintaining a work life and family life balance in today's driven society.

I offer therapy to individuals and couples from my private practice in Sydenham, South East London.

Initial Assessment: Please call 07470843187 or 
email: valerija.lvcounselling@gmail.com