Fit Pills Bootcamp


These programs are designed to build strength and endurance through a variety of exercises executed in a positive environment, created with contagious energy from us and all the participants in the group, with encouragement and no judgement.

We combine interval training, cardio, weight lifting and anaerobic exercises with short resting periods. This will make you burn more calories, increase your muscle mass and accelerate your metabolism, meaning you will keep burning calories after the session! Plus, the release of endorphins and the extra oxygen reaching the blood will make you feel energised and give you that amazing sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Elements we use during this class:

Weights, battle rope, skipping rope, kettle bells, steps, jumping boxes, Bosu balls , Swiss balls, TRX, resistance bands, etc.

1 HR. SESSION (warm-up, HIIT circuits, stretching)



From March 10th.