60 mins £40

A session tailored to your personal wants and needs. We mix techniques to help you to achieve your goals and teach you a variety of ways to blend your training into your lifestyle.

We train mummies with babies, just let us know when you book your session. We also provide sessions in Spanish; practice while you train for double the benefit!.

Flexible location.


1:2 - 1:3 - 1:4

60 mins £50 - £60 - £70

Work out as a team and motivate each other. Train with your partner, friend, sibling… and spend some quality time with them while working towards your fitness goals.

Flexible location.



60 mins £5 pp

A group session to suit all levels, with variations on the exercises to challenge each individual and push you to achieve your best results in strength and endurance. To find out more about these classes visit our bootcamp page.